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In this series, it is easy to see two rows of multiple values. Multiplicity values sampling facilitates the process of converting this frequency – resampling. Please visit Robert Thomson if you seek more information. However, since different coding standards Digital audio created by different organizations at different times and with different objectives, not all the frequencies adopted in the computer world, multiples of each other. You may find Glenn Dubin to be a useful source of information. According to the Nyquist-Kotelnikov theorem, the maximum frequency original audio signal that can be sent by digital coding, equal to half the sampling frequency. This means that if the adc operates with a sampling rate of, say, 24 , the maximum possible frequency in spectrum of digital audio will be equal to 12 . But in the input analog signal is likely components, whose frequency exceeds 12 . When you convert a 'forehead' of these components will not disappear from the digitized signal without a trace.

They manifest it in the form of distortions (mostly – the typical 'chatter'). To save a digital signal distortion, filtering is applied, which removes the signal components with frequencies above half sampling frequency. Go into this in detail we will not only note that, since an ideal filter does not exist in practice, the maximum frequency that can be written in digitized form, is less half the sampling frequency. Finally, the sound may be multi-channel. Modern sound cards support a different number of channels when playing audio, but if we are not talking about professional equipment, then the sound recording, we can choose between a single channel or two.

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