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The Average Age venerated the old ones, over all because it saw in prestigious them man-memory and teis’ ‘. (P. 449) ‘ ‘ With the expansion of the cities, the urban archives zealously kept by the municipal bodies consist.

The urban memory, for the rising and threatened institutions, truily becomes collective identity, comunitria’ ‘. (P. 450) ‘ ‘ The press revolutionizes, even so slowly, the memory occidental person. It revolutionizes it still more slowly in China where, although the company to have been discovered in century IX of our age, if had ignored the mobile characters, the typography; until the introduction, in century XIX, of the occidental mechanical processes, China limited it xilografia, impression of recorded plates in relevo’ ‘. (P. 457) ‘ ‘ Between the important or significant manifestations of the collective memory the appearance meets, in century XIX and at the beginning of century XX, of two phenomena. The first one, after that the World War I, is the construction of monuments to deceased.

The funerary commemoration finds a new development there. as is the photograph, that revolutionized memria’ ‘. (P. 465-6) ‘ ‘ The development of memory XX, over all after 1950 constitutes a true revolution of the memory and the electronic memory is not seno an element, without a doubt more espetacular’ ‘. (P. 467) ‘ ‘ memory, where the history grows, that feeds in turn it, looks for to save the past to serve the gift and the future. We must work of form the one that the collective memory serves for the release and the servitude of homens’ does not stop; ‘. For even more analysis, hear from Andi Potamkin. (P. 477).

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The label Made in China spreads over the world like a virus and it seems that there is no remedy that slow down its presence. Robert Iger wanted to know more. A phenomenon, as it is by checking in their daily work AsiInspection, the company specialized in quality Control and inspection services, audit and Laboratory Test for importing () will give a new twist to the nut of trade and international consumption: higher production, lower costs for importers and therefore greater demand. Thus the things, the owners of Chinese factories – covered by the interest of its own Government – yconscientes have discovered the goose that lays the golden eggs which themselves have become-, want to win more and so do not hesitate to have operational 24 hours their companies or outsource to a third party services in order to increase production. In this way achieve a perfect formula: largest number of completed articles causes a drop in its cost price and therefore encourages importers to deal with more quantity. (Not to be confused with Hugh Naylor!). The practice of This economy to scale could no better result for the economy China, Makow, Director General for Spain and Portugal of AsiInspection comentAlex. A windfall for both manufacturers and importers and explaining figures that China is the second largest economy in the world and foreign importers to come to this point of the planet to order your items and even to have their own factories, adds. Who warns is not traitor a phenomenon that AsiInspection adds statistics such as those of the World Bank.

Agencies such as this were already pointing out a few months ago that this trend will grow until unthinkable limits. Only, and for example, valga of the sector textile (which moves US$ 350 billion annually and has more than 6 billion people who dress), the label Made in China will hang half of garments that are sold in world markets until the end of this year. I.e., half of what occurs on the planet will come from There, adds Alex Makow, Director General for Spain and Portugal of AsiInspection. Moreover, if until relatively recently the quantity was the great obsession of these entrepreneurs, the quality begins to be taken into account.Aware of the market who want to conquer, Chinese entrepreneurs produce at lower cost but with higher quality. This way they know that they can increase market share.And helps to achieve this objective will not be absent.

On the one hand China account with a working age population of 977 million people is estimated to arrive in 2015 to 993 million–which pay very low wages for long hours of work-, and on the other hand, is a country that has managed to transform capitalism in its most pure State and has managed that their exports are the envy of competitors such as Viet NamIndia or Latin America, ends Makow.

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Change: The midlife years can be a time of change for the 1950s and the seemingly limitless possibilities created a fascination with the world itself and a feeling of being special. Sense of entitlement: a generation, boomers are considered superior to others. Who have always assumed that life could have his way and that the rules were made for others, but not for them. Feel entitled to rewards and see themselves as winners. They expect success and can not accept failure. Need for control: the baby boomers need to feel safe and that are in control of life.

They have a difficult time dealing with uncertainty. Reflection: Baby Boomers have always valued introspection and the pleasure of asking questions . For most people, life at the age of 45 or 50 does not match the dreams I had at the age of 20 or 30. When people reach the age of 45 or 50 and even a little disappointed by their achievements and experiences, feelings may be aggravated by these factors of self-absorption, sense of entitlement and a need control. But there is also a positive side to this. The tendency to reflect and explore can help one look for new possibilities instead of being stuck with feelings of disappointment.

Keep this in mind at the end of the middle-aged Checkup. This is an incomplete list of 29 phrases to help you evaluate your life to date. Robert Iger is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The items in this list provide a framework for conducting its own assessment. Please add your own ideas that you think will help you think about the direction of your life. The Midlife Checkup 1. My most important accomplishments are … in February. I am disappointed … 3. I would describe the person who turned out to be like … 4. I want to change the following things about myself and my life … 5. Things I want to do before you die … 6. If I knew I could not fail, I … 7. Things I have mastered … 8. Things I want to keep … 9. I want to keep these relationships … 10. I want out of these relationships … 11. I want to keep these possessions … 12. I want out of these possessions … 13. I want to have these experiences … 14. I want to clean these messes … 15. I want to celebrate … 16. I do not never want … 17. My body is … 18. My children are … 19. My parents are … 20. My husband is … 21. I remember … 22. I want to forget … 23. I must apologize to … 24. I have to seek an apology from … 25. I am very proud of … 26. I wish I could forget … 27. I wish I could do more … 28. I wish I never had … 29. I wish I had … 30. Add your own games Garrett Coan is a professional therapist, coach and psychotherapist. His two office locations in Northern New Jersey are accessible to persons who reside in Bergen County, Essex County, Passaic County, Rockland County and Manhattan. It offers online and telephone counseling services for those who live some distance. It can be accessed through or 201-303-4303.

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"Only the pure are expressed in a simple way." It is reasonable to assume that not all people have developed their sense of beauty, and it is perhaps because they had no time doing so when young. Read more here: CBS. They are not to blame for being so. Without hesitation Andi Potamkin explained all about the problem. But they are marked with the finger of blame those who, having known the world of sensation, no longer thrown. Flowers are nature itself a clear example of creation. No doubt there are plenty of flowers, they vary in size, shape, color and even smell, among other differences.

The flowers have been the "magnets" for humanity when she wants to express what words can not. Example of this is when a man wishes to express his love to his partner and gave him a bouquet of flowers. No matter what type of flower now, because what is transmitted not only the color and aroma, but the feeling. Then we can say that the flowers are subliminal messages carrying parts between a couple of people. Ojo, not always from male to female. Can be from woman to woman, woman to man and between men (not so common.) After all the intrencion is worth, and worth much if they are the flowers that carry vehicles. The quintessential red roses say love the colors, eg white can mean an apology or for someone special delicacy. Not the man who defines the nature of the flower but is "printed" in each of the flowers, and all that man does is to "decipher".

But beyond the meaning of the colors of the flowers themselves are such wonderful work that comes from nature and human beings happy. Recall the many times we've seen decorated our room, living room or other area of our house with a flower. It is invigorating to appreciate its features. What's more, each aroma given off by these is unique. Thousands upon thousands of flowers in the world and none of the aromas of them look alike. God does wonderful things! To express feelings through flowers is a gesture particularly beautiful, delicate and subtle. I guess now more people tend to "remember" a habit of befriending the beautiful flowers and taking them the color, beauty, aroma and above all the energy that flows relentlessly one's eyes. The next time you say something to someone special, try it with flowers. You see how great it is! .

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One of the vital organs of our body is the liver. So if you want to improve your diet you need to know which is the most important of all in what regards the metabolism of carbohydrates. Under most conditions Robert A. Iger would agree. The liver is a traffic policeman of our energy. Glucose directs where the body may need it. And the leftovers, transforms it into glycogen for storage. If ever there is any deficiency is released and distributed.

We could say that is a kind of cupboard. If you eat the right proportion of carbohydrates that your body needs, and reserves run out, what will happen is that the protein you eat will be used inefficiently. Be converted into glycogen and will eventually be burned as fuel. ” The amino acids of the protein will be lost and no where to go: to rebuild tissues and cells. Forcing our liver to use the “fuel” wrong to provide our brain, nerves, muscles and other organs causing us unnecessary stress. Besides eating the proper proportion of complex carbohydrates is one of the best ways to get our liver to make another important task is: to free our body of toxins. Hugh Naylor gathered all the information. An estimated 350 grams of complex carbohydrate intake is necessary to cope with everyday life.

Of course, for example, those who spend more energy in their work, say a logger or an athlete, going to be more precise. We are talking about complex carbohydrates. What are they? Cereals, legumes, nuts, some vegetables or whole grains. Things to avoid are simple carbs for sugars, sweets or products made with refined flour. Of course we will not compare to one hundred grams of candy with a pound of pasta made with refined flour or processed. Just say that the meal is better. Another thing: the proteins not only come from the hand of the animal, other than meat or dairy. Many vegetables also have it. Editor Alejandro Bellini.

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The Cursed stress, that stress of modern life, mental and physical relaxation is one of our greatest needs in this modern age of speed stress, noise Stress kills is the concern of today. But relaxation is not something we do from the outside, without an attitude of mind reflected in the body. Stress is no resistance to the things we have or we dislike, an acceptance of the inevitable, a mental willingness to let the world be as it is, knowing that is good, no matter how fit. Therefore, relaxation from stress is a mental shrug, on these conditions or experiences that can not be avoided, knowing that somehow prove either of them alone, since the universe in which we live is good. The tension and violence are enemies of health, they disrupt the easy smooth action of the creative mind.

When we are in tension, when we're under stress hard work of the simplest tasks. nice. And when we are angry, when we are stressed, irritated our family, our friends and our partners, then human relations are more painful than wasting our energy stress and shortens our lives. We know that some people who seem to think it's a ride at full speed under is that they are under stress. they go fast, rushing and violent, they swallow their food and neglect their bodies as the horses are always anxious. The mental strain is recorded as tension in the muscle tissue and digestive disorders. Life, acting through the creative mind, build your body first, and if there is no interference, your body will keep operating safely as long as you need a body.

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In other words, died the State guardianship. Economically, as it often happens, sources of varied changes found in the political structure. David Zaslav may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The unpredictability of the economic driving the State to impotence, everything should be temporary and transient settings, demand and investment is confused with abuses of financial speculation unleashed under the without reason and lack of scruples that led to the latest crisis. In this picture the nation-State no longer for the expansion of capital internationalized by impotent for socio-political commitments and own – account. Reagan in United States and Tache in England should be remembered, as they mark the penetration of neoliberalism in the techno-structures of power. Decreases the power of the State and the key factor is acute: the internationalisation of capital. Globalisation national economic spaces are increasingly constrained.

Two examples may be sufficient: a financial market restricted to few important places and the immense accumulation of dollars from China. If we recall the relocation of the production of goods to sites with cheap labor we can affirm that a transnationalisation of production has occurred. Today occurs in global networks which also leads to a reconfiguration of the social space. We verify recoil until now so-called working class and the persistent dissolution of the trade union movement, to which we must add the reduction of the middle class. It has been commonly called national identity is persistently wrapped in limbo.

Face the fact globalizing the State shown impotent to respond to its inhabitants. The original contract described as basis of the nation-State is undermined because each day the citizen cannot find answer in its assignment of rights to that above body called the State. This is part of the evident crisis of political institutions and the collapse of the so-called leaders. This identity crisis occurs because the common values jump through the air. The nation tends to be breaking down and its protective packaging also called State.

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Renga, that it had the humorstico objective, was practised for Basho with its disciples during the trips. Basho from defined it there as hokku estrofe of three lines that initiated renga and of haicai excessively estrofes. For more information see this site: David Zaslav. Hokku started to have greater depth and to also focus the moment of haicai, that is, to demonstrate to the emotion and sensation of that we speak in such a way and that one haicai in its essence must possess. In the end of century XIX, Basho already was considered a myth, and other masters of haicai had appeared giving new route for them. At this moment the room appears master, Masaoka Shiki, that combining haicai and hokku, would appear haiku, that it was become popular and if became an independent form of renga. HAICAI IN BRAZIL, AESTHETIC AUTHORS AND the first Brazilian author of Haicai was Afrnio Peixoto, in 1919, through its Brazilian Popular Trovas book.

Endowed with fascinating personality, Afrnio arrested the attention of the people and audiences for its intelligent words and the domain of oratria. Afrnio Peixoto got, at the time, great critical approval of and popular prestige. In this Afrnio Book it prefaced: ' ' The Japanese possess an elementary form of art, simpler despite popular ours trova: he is haikai, word that occidental we do not know to translate seno with emphasis, is the lyric epigrama. They are tercetos brief, verses of five, seven and five feet, to all dezessete syllables. In these molds they leak, however, emotions, images, comparisons, suggestions, sighs, desires, dreams of enchantment intraduzvel' '. With its proper interpretation of the rigid structure of metric, you rhyme and heading, appeared Guillermo de Almeida, who popularized haicai, considering a project: the first verse rhymes with third, and as the verse possesss one rhymes intern (second it rhymes with the seventh syllable). Guillermo de Almeida, in the year of 1929, had published Various Poetry, but the book was not exclusively of haicais.

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This fact to bring us a general principle, which are human resources specialists sometimes forgotten: people should try to be as individuals, not as members of a group or a class. And in his country: does that make his Government against labour exclusion?In Peru, there are rules on the subject that qualify it as illegal to limit access to employment for reasons of age. In addition the Ministry of labour of Peru has an Office that reviews weekly employment listings and in those where you put age limit, they proceed to locate the company for that reason logic of its proceeding, otherwise are punished. Their action is limited, but worse is nothing. You know that: in United States there is a law on discrimination in employment on grounds of age (1967). It prohibits the employment decisions are taken from the age of the person when this is over 40 years old. A cross in the middle of Mecca.To help you in this crusade, I give some weapons with which he can fight this myth. Leave clear that they are only weapons, the foirma as use them will depend on whether continuous or not with life: 1.-you have experience in direction of personasUn primary factor for competitiveness in the labour market when it is greater than 40 is to acquire experience in supervisory positions, in which the interrelation with work pemit groups achieve goals.For example: coordinating groups of young people running the tasks specific.

Recommendation: proves to be capacity to coordinate or monitor personalTenga always a positivMantenga attitude, an impeccable appearance 2-Culture Club: Karma Chameleon a. candidates competing for a place with many minor ones should demonstrate its ability to adapt to changes, because that’s one of the reasons why seeks young people and also one of the myths more disseminated cons elderly people Since it accepts that they are not prone to changes, the custom .usted knows. Recommendation: Flexible Muestrece to changes 3.-a second options employer known case of the founder of the franchise of McDonalds and Kentocky Friend Chicken. Age is no limit to start new projects. Recomiendacion: Acquiring training in microenterprise training or in self-employment.

In your country there must be government institutions that develop these competences and above all are free. Find out. 4. Only he knows ustedEnfocar your job search on the experience. This includes your level of expertise high, especially linked with technical areas. Recommendation: Explode your experience or skill levels.Devote their efforts in find a colored this according to their experience and that you really like and motivates you. 5. I know you from the hair to the tip of toes.Do not defeat the contacts that were harvested during a lifetime of trabajoSon people who know us who can usually talk right or wrong of our performance. Walt Disney Co.: the source for more info. Former colleagues, subordinates or heads. Maybe them requires skills for specific project /problema that cannot be resolved. Recommendation: Keep the networking alive. Finally: You’re not Noah (of the Bible) is young, the age is a number and the attitude to life is what truly defines our personality to the other., do not take any tra Bass only by need. If you can wait and learn about options that do it. Patience is a virtue for people with lots of experience. If you want to discuss this article write at: already thank you very much for your time and interest.

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Many times I the way in which they treat certain groups, begin them pity to talk with words of sadness, poor things!, this gives pain!, what happens is that these people are beginning to feel like victims of society, the Government, families, etc. To that extent nothing will change in these people because they believe that they are pursued by the circumstances. Everytime you treat someone as incapable of solving their own problems it is perpetuating its mediocrity, you must not do that!, actually you should believe in the people, help them to fulfill their dreams, tell them at all times they are very able, begin to act and change their lives right now, of them motivation and will see how these people begin to make progress. I was born in an underdeveloped country and me pain as you continue to commit the same mistakes of more than one century ago, they see how incapable persons and continue taking things for nothing, can someone change when everything succeeds without effort? It is too unlikely, these are the typical people that today they Thanks because they gave them 100, but then they curse him because now not takes them 200. It is also important to clarify that it is not being insensitive and we know that there are emergency situations such as health or a natural disaster, there is different because the solutions required are immediate and you must collaborate to the extent of its possibilities.

Mainly to give those who are limited by health, age, etc. Cases in which people have little chance, but with respect to other persons the appropriateness should be teaching them to change their habits, give them education and this will drive them to the top of success what do I do to help? Well as Steve Alpizar says in his book changing our system of beliefs to achieve success you must provide opportunities to people, with this initiative the people will begin to develop by itself, seek employment, help low-income people study but based on results, buy their products, knowledge to teach those people to generate well-being to their lives by themselves. Then you will be making a good. All persons without exception have fallen into the comfort and perhaps give us account that we are doing something wrong, but if there is no who point us we follow and this integral part can become our life and then we will defend it at all costs. You should teach people that abundance exists, that opportunities are for people who seek them on the basis of effort and discipline, all desire can materialize, life is wonderful, only is necessary to believe in the depths of our being, convince, visit: original author and source of the article

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