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The idea of the economic one, in Aristotle, is enrolled all in one Let us remember the famous definition of Man who Aristotle bequeathed in them, definition of which generally holds back only the part that if it relates to the Man as animal politician (zoon politikon) while Aristotle effectively said, of more necessary form, who the man was made to live together, emphasizing still, in certain texts: in community state to organize and to keep the state of friendship between citizens (AKTOUF, 2004 p.58) To perfect the use of the new medias it can create competitive force and stimulate extra profits. However, the use of these medias must be policed by the proper companies. Therefore, any slip committed for the organization can denigrate the image in a wild speed. The manuscript of intelligent and creative form and the fiscalization need to be part of the enterprise routine. It will cause the enrichment of the identity of the mark before its public. . CBS: the source for more info.

The requirement of the consumers for one better position of the organization in relation to the businesses becomes primordial in this shortening of the relationship company-customer. 2 BEHAVIOR OF the CONSUMER Is necessary to know the concept of behavior of the consumer. According to Giglio (2005), two principles exist, one is Cognitiva Psychology that is defined as the behavior product of coherent actions, the reason and the resolution of problems, has concepts of the customer who if becomes attached for the question of the option and the comparative processes between risks and advantages. Another one begins is it social, that it sends the theory of the consumption conducted for the force of the group.

Describe the profile of the digital customers. The potential consumers on-line have the double of the national probability to have university diploma. It is a group formed for people who costumam to act correctly, that they try to discover as everything functions and that they do not obtain to make everything to function with rapidity.

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If these people who exert strategical positions and start to work, are clearly that we cannot call them strategical, the word most appropriate for this type of worker, in the present time would be ' ' MINDS COPIANTES' ' , yes, they go to copy everything that exists in the Internet and to adopt for its company as being of its authorship. Many of these adorable executives are working, not voluntarily, are that for backwards a CEO exists that finds that these executives need to work the double to give ' ' exemplo' '. Example? Yes, example of that if it does not have to make this. In the past, when this executive one was one To assist, Assistant, Analyst, among others positions of team, it were learning later to be an executive of command. It is clearly that many employers do not know of this for having passed for these periods of training of career, and think that all are contracted to work. When the executives, of command line or not, to make accurately what the position demands, it leave of being one ' ' Copiante' ' starts to work strategically, for inside of the company.

It is necessary that the professionals, executives and managers, stop and rethink in the subject of communication and relationship that its company intends to implant to reach its collaborators. We go to reflect if our model of communication is adding value necessary to facilitate that to the strategical alignment reach the objective tracings for medium and long run. If the internal communication will not be perceived of the walls for is, it this really not fulfilling its function strategical of change agent. A well planned internal communication, lined up with the organizacionais objectives, its waves of repercussion will have that to function with the simple intention to make with that the mark either known through the mouth the mouth.

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According to Lighter; Garci’a (2010), the organizacional culture allows to understand the reasons of the conflicts and the impacts, appeared in the enterprise environment, where the effective and terceirizados employees work together, or where contracting and terceirizadas companies work in interdependence. Many of these conflicts derive from the problems of interpersonal relationship between workers with varied categories of working bonds, or from the proper relationship between companies in net. In accordance with Naldler; Gerstein; Shaw (1999) is necessary, to create new solutions in the structure and management of the company. The terceirizados employees, however, do not feel part of the teams formed for the staff, this because, at any time, these people can be excused. The success of a management is in the detailed study of predominant the organizacional culture.

From its understanding, one becomes possible to construct better forms of management of the human resources. The implantation of projects, resources, and models that they aim at to improve the performance of the human resources, can generate problems that, normally, are invisible during the change processes. These invisible problems emerge when falls in the productivity are evidenced, financial damage or, many times, loss of the good employees (SCHEIN, 2001). Some contend that Leslie Moonves shows great expertise in this. 1,5 AREA OF HUMAN RESOURCES As Ribeiro (2005) the area of Human resources passed for transformations, throughout the history of the country. Until the third decade of century XX, in the age Vargas, they did not exist, for example, politics of Human resources. the conduction of the area was, normally, in charge of a lawyer, given the approach in the legal questions of the relation with the employees. But the transformations politics, social and economic occured in the country, from this decade, had brought as consequence the beginning of industrialization process, with the creation of a great number of private and governmental organizations. Of this it forms the work relations if they had become complex more, with the sprouting of new activities, commercial, industrial and of services.

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