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Forklift: serve us all types of pallets. Traspaleta: Do not use Stacker reversible models: pallets open at the bottom with three skates it is recommended. Crane: Enclosed or reversible pallets give more security, but serve all models. 4 Where going it to fit? Shipping container: a shipping container measures tend to be 2.35 wide Interior. For this reason are often used pallets of 110 110 or 115 115. Shelves: On the shelves weight is highly concentrated in a few points of the pallet, so it is better to use pallets, very strong type 80 120 Eur. Robert Iger may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Trucks: Trucks most have a measure of 2.45 to 2.50 inside, this allows the use of pallets of 80 100 120 or 120 linear of supermarket: supermarkets often use 80 120 and 80 60 5.-how select the best measure? Standard socks: If the merchandise can be put into a standard pallet we will save a lot of money, the most common means are: 80 120, 80 60, 80 100, 100 120, 110 110, 115 115, 120 120, 110 130.

Special measures: If our product does not fit on a standard pallet, we have the option of calling a pallet echo to measure, and even use packaging to improve protection. 6. What type of material is best for the pallet? Recycled or used in wood: this type of pallet is much more economical and whenever possible have to use it, because we will not only save money, will also help the environment. New wood: it is more expensive than the recycled pallet but gives us the option to customize it and are much more standardized. Treated pallets: both the recycled and new wood can be heat treated to make them acts for export to countries such as China, USA, Canada; Mexico, chipboard etc: also comply with the phytosanitary export regulations even though they are made of wood, because their process of manufacturing at high temperatures. Plastic: Usually used for export because they do not require heat treatment not to be of wood, are also used in the food industry for reasons of health. We can also find this type of used pallets. Metal: They are extremely resistant pallets for large loads and its use are usually internal since they can last for many years.

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Gold 5 Roubles 1763, minted at the St. Petersburg Mint, were sold on Saturday held a "Summer numismatic auction" in Moscow for 3.5 million rubles. According to materials specially-numismatic firm, the other top auction lot – platinum 12 rubles in 1833 St. Petersburg Mint – went under the hammer for 1.7 million rubles at the start of 1.3 million rubles. Following on the value of the last lot Trading is a very rare copper hryvnia in 1726, minted in Ekaterinburg Mint in the form of a square board. At the start of 400 thousand rubles, it sold for 550 rubles.

At a starting price of 400 rubles each sold very rare gold 5 Roubles 1758 and a silver ruble in 1725. Just recently the largest gold coin in the world sold at auction for 3.27 million euros. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Leslie Moonves has to say. The buyer paid for the 100-pound coin in one million Canadian four times as many dollars. Coin with a profile of Queen Elizabeth II was released in Canada in 2007. Its nominal value – 1 million Canadian dollars or about 800 thousand euros at current exchange rate. At auction in Vienna, was acquired by a coin, dealing with trafficking in precious metals, paying for it 3.27 million euros. Not only coins that have value.

Chinese brand in 1968 was sold at Hong Kong auction for a record price for Chinese philately. Mark was withdrawn from circulation on the day of release, because it was not represented Taiwan as part of China. Unfortunate stamp purchased an anonymous buyer from Asia, who gave a rarity 3.68 million HK dollars (475.000 USD). Rare stamp Zemstvo Melitopol in 1871 was in December 2009 sold for $ 13.300 per Ibee. Catalogue price – $ 7000, but given that we know no more than 10 copies of this brand, the real price is much higher. I want to share one more news. Put up for sale at auction his collection of coins and some collectors may completely free of charge at the auction in the 'Collectibles'.

Long-term Care Supplement Insurance Vs. Care Insurance2017.11.07. // News

What protection is useful and what you should pay attention No matter whether private or statutory health insurance, a duty of care everyone has. This is a legal requirement (such as health insurance) and provides coverage in the event of a Pflegebeduftigkeit. What is long-term care? A look at the model terms for compulsory care insurance explains the fact of care: (2) insured event is the care of an insured person. Need of care are people who need of help because of a physical, mental or emotional illness or disability for the usual and regularly recurring activities in the flow of daily life in the long term, expected to be for at least six months, in accordance with paragraph 6 in significant or higher dimensions. While the severity of the need for care is divided into so-called care stages I to III. Depending on what and how many activities (can) be performed yet is an appropriate level of care is determined, what benefits from the maintenance obligation insurance leads. What I do “can not” to get into a level of care? Also here the corresponding model terms to help us. Here it is: a) dependent care level I (greatly dependent) are people who at least once a day need of help with personal hygiene, nutrition or mobility for at least two operations in one or more fields and need helps with the household supply in addition several times a week. (b) dependent care level II (Schwerpflegebedurftige) are people who require the nutrition or mobility at least three times a day at different times of day of the help of body care, and need helps with the household supply in addition several times a week. (c) dependent care level III (Schwerstpflegebedurftige) people that are in the care of the body, the Nutrition or mobility even at night, need of help every day around the clock, and in addition several times a week helps with the household supply need.

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Reisekonfigurator regains a further award of the Reisekonfigurator received an award of China tours. This time China Tours tour operator together with the Design Studio Packer has developed the Reisekonfigurator, received the coveted red dot award for product design. It is in the red dot award to one of the world’s most prestigious and largest design competition. China Tours is one of the few German tour operators that were awarded for his Reisekonfigurator an internationally recognized Award for its outstanding design quality. The 15 jurors, which determined the winners of the award are all internationally recognised and renowned experts.

In a process lasting several days, the jury assessed total 6.823 proposals. The jury’s decisions underline the high design standards of the award-winning ideas and showed the latest trends in the industry. Christoph Albrecht, CEO of China Tours: Goal of the Reisekonfigurator is the conception of an individual travel China and finding the right travel components as easy as possible to make. The user should be not overwhelmed with filter options, but allows you a pleasant look through the offers with maximum information and overview. The red dot quality seal is a confirmation that this goal has been achieved. We are very happy that we have found a strong partner in the development and implementation of the Reisekonfigurator with the design of packer. China Tours is the first German tour operator offering an online Reisekonfigurator for establishing a China individual travel. The process of the individual posting is often difficult.

The new Reisekonfigurator of China Tours combines the elements of selection of travel and travel booking as a tool, whereby the process is streamlined. The Reisekonfigurator offers a wide range consisting of over 200 individual travel components, matching transfers, as well as hotels. The traveller can see themselves so their assemble China individual travel itself and directly the travel price. Shortly before he was Reisekonfigurator China Tours already with the innovation award of the Internet travel distribution Association (VIR) awarded by. Red dot award: communication design 2012 “all creative works, the in the red dot award communication design 2012 were, were impressed by an international jury of experts.” A victory among thousands of entries from 43 countries reveals its own potential and provides worldwide visibility the proud winners of the prize, to position themselves as best as possible”, said Professor Dr. Peter Zec. “The award generates a distinct advantage over the competition and shows impressively that the winner measured with the most creative minds in the industry and claims”, complemented the founder and CEO of red dot. The Reisekonfigurator, as well as the other winners during the festive award ceremony in the Berlin Konzerthaus will be honored award ceremony and exhibition on October 24, 2012. In the old coin Berlin will be following the designers’ night instead. At this party, the special exhibition is design on stage-winners red dot award communication design 2012 “opened. This special exhibition presented by the 25. October 28, 2012 the excellent work and also the Reisekonfigurator of China tours. Interested parties can find here the winners of the award: China / further information to the red dot design award there is here:

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