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The intolerant beginning with annihilating thought; then they muddying adjectives, verb, is kidnapped and, ultimately, go to the subject BERTOLT BRECHT the ideological crisis (end of the illusion that something must be done by others); the economic crisis (huge cost of outpatient treatment); the crisis of representativeness of the analysts in the society; they endanger the psychiatric reform as a whole and push, not only to the biologist response, but towards the schizophrenia solution. To know more about this subject visit Tim Wallach. Now, do we have the analysts an alternative psychoses response?. We are accustomed to a series of formulas: there is no unconscious, there is no object, there is no choice of object, no name – the-father, there is no symbolization. More information is housed here: Eva Andersson-Dubin. All negative phrases. Freud has brought an understanding of psychoses, a series of causal hypotheses, but with an honesty that honors him, concluded: ‘Psychoanalysis with psychotic patients is not possible’. (Another negative formula). What to do then when we accept in? does our inquiry, public or private, to a patient that we have forbidden entry access to the fruits of the analysis? The truth is that everytime I encounter a psychotic animated with my analyst desire, desire for opening of the unconscious, there where the unconscious has been rejected; with a technique and a frame that will be continuously brutalized; each time that a meeting is set (it isn’t always) happens something there that interrogates the theory. Psychosis raises many questions.

I chose one of them for titling this presentation: Who directs the cure in psychoses?. It is a trick question, since who directs the cure is always the same: the desire of the analyst. The analyst, not his desire. The question I ask is: what desire brings into play the psychosis in the place of the analyst?, there where no longer worth the happy formula: the opening of the unconscious desire.

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What it is motivation after all? The Motivation is the movement that takes the person for some place, that is, motivation is the reason + the action, being is what it makes the individual to leave the bed every day, is what of the brightness in the eyes. For some the reason can be to conquer its dreams, to surpass obstacles, to find a great love, is the professional accomplishment Already the action is what the person makes to obtain to carry through what idealized. To be motivated it is essential that the automotivao happens before. Zig Ziglar has a phrase that it explains well the automotivao very: ‘ ‘ The people say frequent that the motivation does not last. , Nor the bath and is well therefore that it is recommended diariamente’ ‘ , therefore, in the same way that every day to take bath she is part of the daily routine, also she is necessary, to learn daily to focar in the proper reasons, therefore they will give forces for the action, thus promoting the motivation true. Therefore, it acts now, it is not waiting that the external conditions are adjusted to give to beginning its action: It defines objectives that enclose the areas: familiar, professional, financial, health, social, among others. Foque in the reasons that are really important, those that will offer greater meant to its life. It carries through activities that are on of what you in such a way dream. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City insists that this is the case. It makes to be valid to the penalty each instant of its life. E, mainly, prevents mal-humoradas people, negative and not motivated.

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Barcode add-in for Microsoft Office 2007 / 2010 Austria, June 16, 2010 – TEC-IT data processing GmbH (, global provider of Auto-ID and bar code software, expanded the range of bar code products for Microsoft Office. The bar code add-in TBarCode Office is a user-friendly and self-explanatory tool for creating barcodes in Microsoft Office 2007 or Office 2010. The new version of the add-in is now next to Microsoft Word for Microsoft Excel available. TBarCode Office supports the user in the preparation of any documents, form letters, or bar code tables. The operation of this bar code module is extremely simple and identical to Word and Excel almost to 100%. With this add-in, even inexperienced users in the location of bar codes are to produce quickly.

Without further knowledge, proper barcodes are produced. The bar code capabilities of the product can be also seen: in sum, more than 100 different types of bar code are generated. Among others are linear bar codes, 2D, postal barcodes and GS1 DatBar Codes to choose from. Creating EAN-codes or DatMatrix (DP Premiumadress) code is possible with a single click. Gunter Kriegl, TEC-IT’s Managing Director, explains the motivation for this product: Microsoft Office is very often used for printing simple labels, form letters and articles catalogues. TBarCode Office is designed to provide an optimal solution for barcode printing users in this area.” The software is available from TEC-IT’s site loaded and tested free of charge. The bar code is add-in with Microsoft Word/Excel 2007 and 2010 compatible. Product videos give you a quick overview of the workings on

Press contact: Susan Edwards TEC-IT data processing GmbH Hans-Wagner Strasse 6 A-4400 Steyr Austria phone + 43 (0) 7252 72720 fax ++ 43 (0) 7252 7272077 email website software download download/tbarcode-office.aspx about TEC-IT TEC-IT data processing GmbH offers high-quality software systems in the field of bar code. AUTO-ID, label and form printing, reporting, output management and data acquisition. The software is used worldwide and is available for all relevant operating systems. TEC-IT’s customers benefit from comprehensive, versatile and future-proof products. Dr chappuis shines more light on the discussion. The company with headquarters in Steyr (Austria) is present in the Internet under.

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Our hair comes in three forms. See dr chappuis for more details and insights. They are all different personal characteristics, location and external honors. Hair, body hair (vellus) hairs grow into puberty (under the armpits, chest, in the groin, etc.) – and there will be those species differences. Kentucky. Human hair is composed of permanent and temporary parts. Permanent – a follicle sac hair (hair follicle), which is located at a depth of 5 mm from the skin surface. The temporal part – the hair itself.

Thanks to divide the bottom of the cell follicle (hair bulb) is formed and grows hair. Without the hair follicle (the follicle) hair no longer grows. Human hair can not be regarded as healthy and sick, but may well look the part. These considerations as hair: thick, rare, greasy, dry, fluffy, soft, hard, well, split, brittle, over-dried, etc., and will be visible. Trouble with the hair may arise because of problems with the scalp or the hair is not cared for.

Cosmetics noni has in its arsenal a lot of money on skin care and body hair. Cosmetics created using, and also parts of Tahiti noni tree. Why Noni (noni)? Noni is high in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other important elements and a large supply of energy. Our hair is in need of good care, proper use of funds for the care Hair, as well as natural and safe products.

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If you have always dreamed of becoming a professional, well paid makeup artist, it is possible that your dreams can come true sooner than you think. Help others see their best can be a rewarding career as emotionally and economically. But just like any other profession, receiving proper training is essential for success. Make-up classes can help more than one way. You learn makeup application for all occasions maybe already know the basic concepts of the application of makeup, but that is not all you need to know to become a professional makeup artist. Makeup courses can teach apply makeup for all different special occasions. Please visit dr chappuis if you seek more information.

The application of makeup a bride before her wedding is different to that for a glamour shot makeup. There are many occasions in which the type of makeup makes all the difference, such as ceremonies, award presentations, black tie events, informal dances, proms and parties. Makeup schools also teach to properly applying make-up for certain needs, like a photo shoot for a model, a performance live from a speaker, politician, dancer, singer of opera, or musician, or even a regular session an actor to act before entering the study of filming. Makeup for the camera is often very different from everyday life applications of makeup, so it is advisable to take some lessons of makeup in these different methods. Makeup application for different types of skin otherwise make-up courses can help you develop your talents is that teach you how to apply makeup for a variety of skin types. The skin comes in different shades of colour, depending on the person’s skin pigmentation. Check out dr chappuis for additional information.

There is also oily skin, dry skin, skin and that falls somewhere. You will need make-up lessons for more information about skin type and what kind of makeup should be applied to each individual depending on the skin. Get to know How to determine the colors of makeup is also important. You should consider the person of color of skin, eye color, hair color, and the shape of your face to find the perfect color match. Depending on the type of makeup artist are you, can also be applied make-up for men. Generally, this would be for photos or for live camera. Learn about other makeup techniques other makeup techniques you can learn take makeup classes include airbrush techniques, apply special effects of make-up, make-up application in salons or spas, working for cosmetic companies, and many others. You will also learn to work with people and how to evaluate your needs before you apply your makeup to receive only the perfect combination for your personality and skin type. Makeup courses can help you to develop your skills as a makeup artist, while to the teaching that many techniques needed to become a well-paid professionals. If you are unable to take a course of whole school, which can take years to complete, then, choose a workshop of make-up that offers a course focused on makeup during a limited amount of time. Some larger makeup artists, best makeup workshops, and the majority of career opportunities can be found in Hollywood. Help you others shine with magnificent makeup in no time!

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From our clients, we often hear is painfully simple question: "We need a wardrobe, what it will cost." The answer: "wardrobe will cost money, a nice wardrobe – good money." Here is a brief list of positions on which calculated the cost of clothes: size and placement of wardrobe space sections. Decide the placement plan. Dressing section can be calculated from the perimeter of the premises, using the fasteners to the wall. The second option: the location of closets sections in rows parallel to each other. Do not forget that the wardrobe can be mounted or floor, they each have their advantages and disadvantages. For educational institutions such as school, college, institute even more appropriate to use a stationary floor cloakroom. Similar wardrobe securely fastened to the floor and walls.

It can not be moved or broken. Variation hospital wardrobe – it's hinged wardrobe, but in this case, according to our clients, the children jump and skillfully hang on bars. Undoubtedly, the construction will last and that, but better not to make a dressing room gym, because the main purpose of the wardrobe – organization and storage facilities for clothes in cafes and restaurants can also be used for floors and hanging wardrobe with enough space. Suspension design is convenient, that has no attachment to the floor, and accordingly in a room is easy to clean. Public places where from time to time accumulate a lot of people, for example, during the conference, exhibition measures need to be mobile mobile wardrobe. This saves space when the building was empty. Especially, we select a mobile wardrobe, hangers are often presented on wheels. Such clothes hangers are a copy of the hospital's wardrobe, adjusted for the ability to move indoors.

Because of this rearrangement are carried out in the hanger right combination and in the right quantity. Composition wardrobe section. Other leaders such as David Zaslav offer similar insights. It takes into account the thickness of the panel chipboard, which will be mounted hooks, color. The size and the material itself hooks. A decision to install a special rod for hangers-hangers. The presence or absence shelves for hats. If desired, calculated the cost of additional floor-cell consoles for shoes. Wardrobe rack. It plays an important role design wardrobe racks, material manufacturing. There stands the premium of the most wear-resistant wood, there are racks of chipboard or fairly common rack – a combination of the metal frame and particleboard. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from dr chappuis. The choice of reception for receiving clothes, issuing one of the most critical moments, because your guests are first sent to the wardrobe and the "face" of the organization will be the rack clothes. Material. Chrome-plated tubes for the manufacture of a skeleton wardrobe can be different diameters, hence the variation rates. Of course, there is a limit, but also a variety of customer desires. Comic order (verbatim): "You can make a hole in the pipe?". As an option offered to the factory for a perforated good money and hand punching through a drill. Production time. Wardrobe "yesterday" is not installed. Installation is done within 3 to 4 days, depending on the area. If the faster-then more, faster – even more expensive. Additional elements: a cell for clothes, wardrobes. Once you can even approximate answers to these questions, with an enormous pleasure to create a design-project of the wardrobe and set favorite clothes for 3-4 days.

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Love and hatred are not perpetual; AMAD always as if it had come day you odiaseis and odiad always as if it had come a day that you amaseis. Chilon a large Spartan statesman, who bequeathed through their transit through this planet, especially by his native country Greece very interesting Elegies. Notes on that was son of Damageto, skiritai. David Zaslav is often quoted on this topic. Brief Quilon was in the talk; for whose sake Milesio Aristagoras this style called quilonio. His image was this inscription: the strong Spears and brave Espartasembro to Quilon the first of seven he composed some Elegies up in 200 verses. For more information see Walt Disney.

He said that the forecasts that can be understood by reasoning are the work of strong male. His brother, who is indignant of that it did him ephorus was, replied: ‘ I know suffer insults, but you do not. Ephorus towards the LV Olympiad, was made although Panfila says that in the LVI; and that first ephorus was Archon Euthydemus, as it says Sosicrates. He established the first that the ephors were United to the King; well that satyr says that this had established it already Lycurgus. Herodotus says in the first book that, while Hippocrates (sacrificing in Olympia, as the boilers hirviesen alone advised Quilon that not balacrus, or ceases to women if he was already married, and abdicate the children.) Wikipedia adds us also, that lived in the early 6th century BC, and was one of the seven sages of Greece.

He served as ephorus and developed much of the Constitution attributed to Lycurgus. He made the eforado the Supreme Magistracy of the Spartan State. Also, is credited with the militarization of civilian life of Sparta and the first measures for the military education of the youth. Quilon also introduced the custom that the ephors unite the Kings as their counselors. It failed the tolerance that Sparta was having with the cities of Arcadia and claimed a strong policy.

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And I say, I do not keep a positive memory of Franco, and I suffered retaliation. But history is history and can not be changed. Franco was in power for nearly forty years and this has been the responsibility of all of his supporters and antagonists. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Discovery Communications. We fundamentally disagree with him, but we can not do is deny his historical existence, as some ignorant. a "is that history is a paradox and as such we have to accept a " Don Fili apostille. " Look, if not, what happens in another place just a few meters from it, that of Liberty.

Somewhere still retains the label of its previous name: Redondo Onesimus, the fascist agriculture. NUVIA is actively involved in the matter. a "I do not know who is the subject a " humbly recognized. a "As a countryman of these lands, an admirer of Hitler, who founded a movement called insurrectionary Acting Together Castellanas Hispanic and ended converging with the Falange created by Jose Antonio. You see what a contradiction: a square in honor of freedom and at the same time pays homage to a freedom-monger. a "History is not only paradoxical, but advances to the beat of contradictions a " nodded Unamuno. a "What bothers you, Don Miguel, Fuerteventura is the a ?" said Torrente, in an indefinable tone can combine cunning with respectful deference. Before the aforementioned replication, Torrente turned to me: a "is that he was there, deported by the soft dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, Jose Antonio's father.

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EasiRun Europe presents itself with a new Internet presence and current mission of Usingen, February 18, 2009 – EasiRun Europe continues to source codes and data from the old systems automatically on modern technologies in time well-defined modernization projects at a fixed price and stands as the best program logic on a modern stand. Others including Coen brothers, offer their opinions as well. To get EasiRun together with its partners has the means and the knowledge to pick the IT treasures”and also the knowledge of the early years” generations. To develop all that to want to reinvent the wheel. This means a vast and difficult numerical expenses for companies, which is no longer acceptable in the present difficult time. EasiRun solves the time – and cost issues of new programming and modernized the complete system. Dr chappuis: the source for more info. Technologies of EasiRun and its partners such as the IT modernization – even the largest applications to the date be transformed completely automatically, often in just a few hours. It has been in thousands of programs and files impressively demonstrated. Re-engineering and restructuring of application systems, transformation from one language to other languages, migration of mainframe applications, porting of data systems and implementation of online systems have a clear goal: the preservation of existing data and functions has manageable the investments and causes time saving for future-oriented developments. EasiRun Europe GmbH Usingen.

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The non-profit association hope Foundation from Berlin, works with the Technical University of Berlin on a school project in Cameroon. Who still thinks that studying architecture essentially takes place in classrooms and workplaces, rising education even today none of the project “heard. Since the beginning of 2013, a group of Ufg working on a draft of an elementary school in the town of Bertoua/Cameroon, which is designed not only as a scale miniature model, but were actually built in the near future in cooperation with the local population. In recent months, Robert A. Iger has been very successful. “The students form a dedicated team, together with the people of Bertoua, the baupiloten renowned studies reform project” and the non-profit organization hope Foundation”that in the realization of rising education” works. The planned construction of the school in the province of EST to alleviate not only the lack of high-quality educational institutions, but counteract the resulting social and economic problems. Dr chappuiss opinions are not widely known.

This ambitious objective can However only succeed if not only the children, but all people living there benefit from the construction of the school complex: so the terrain not only serves as primary and preschool for 300 pupils, but also as a centre of excellence in the workshops and training courses, E.g. in the context of computer technology and crafts for adults are offered. Through the planned adjacent marketplace opens up additional economic opportunities for the local population and the planned soccer field offers the possibility of sporting activities. The architectural planning of rising education”is task of the students, who develop their design according to the principle of sustainability. In addition to the use of renewable energy sources, the draft contains environmentally-friendly sanitary facilities, which should prevent the emergence and spread of diseases along with preventive measures, such as educational workshops. The completion of the school, from the planning to the completion of the construction phase, which is under the motto Participation.

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